Digital, Electronic, Portable, Hanging Luggage Scale LED Display

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Dimensions:  3.3" x 2.0" x 0.8" (Depth)

Weight:  0.1kg

Material:  ABS plastic body

Color:  black

Capacity:  40kg / 88.18lb

Double precision:  0-10kg   5g / 10-40kg   10g

Units:  kg / lb / g / oz

Auto Off:  120 seconds

Tare Range:  Tare full capacity

Display:  LCD with backup light

Power:  AAA * 2 (Excluded)


This mini digital portable scale includes the following features:

·         40kg capacity and 10g readability

·         LCD display with backup light

·         Tare function

·         Auto power off

·         Low Power alarm Overload indicator

·         Air temperature measuring. Press "unit " lasting for 2 seconds, it will show the environment temperature. Press "ON/OFF" to exit the function.

·         Multiple weighing modes: kg / lb / g / oz and discrete wavelet transform.

·         Back light Function.  The back light will extinguish if the scale is not in operation or the weight on the hook is stable over 5 seconds.

·         Weight value lock. Press "TARE" for about 2 seconds to turn on/off the locking function, press "ON/OFF" to unlock.

·         Easy to carry it in a pocket or handbag for weighing luggage when traveling.


Items Included:

·         One 40kg x 10g luggage Scale

2 AAA batteries are excluded, because air transportation will not transport batteries.

Model Number: hanging scale
Size: 90mm
Power Supply: AAA*2 are excluded air transportation will not transport batteries.
Type: Hanging Scale
Capacity: 40kg / 88lb
Rated Load: 40kg
Accuracy: digital
Brand Name: Newacalox
Display Type: LCD with backup light